When Don visited Bossons in England in 1984, Mr. Ray Bossons viewed his "Artistic Restorations" (c) of Bossons, and from that time until Bossons closing in December, 1996, Bossons recommended him to restore their products.

Ray Bossons (right) presents a signed gift to Don Hardisty 
during Don's visit to the Bossons Company in 1984.
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The gift is one of the unique and coveted pen and ink drawings by Mr. Bossons. It is a pictorial history of the little town of Congleton and "...Depicting some of the historic buildings and places of interest that lie within a four-mile radius of the town...A Pictorial Guide To The Borough of Congleton."

Regrettably, Ray Bossons passed away May 1999. His memory will live on through his many creative works and ever continued recognition of Bossons as a cherished art form. Collectors will want to know the family has assured us they will not sell the Bossons name nor the original molds of these coveted works of art. Many molds were destroyed by Mr. Bossons in the final years of the company's operation.


Doris Condliffe  1948-52
Alice Wilde (Brindley)  1953-58
Fred Wright  1958-77
Alice Brindley 1977-95

Mr. E. Woolen and Mr. S. Machin  1947 (1st 14" plaques) 
Mr. Kaposvary   1956
Mrs. P. Easterbrook-Roberts 1958
Mr. Stephan Czanota  and Mr. Colin Melbourne  1959
Miss Margaret Tarrent  1960
   Mr. Axel Amuchastegui  1964
Mr. Basil Ede  and Miss Kay Nixon Blundell  1965
Mr. Johnathon Kenworthy  1966
Mr. W. Harper  1969

                The above modelers, with dates for the years they were employed by Bossons were documented by Ken Potts. 

                Ken began work at Bossons in 1947 as a young boy, age 17. In the early years, he worked making lead soldiers, Christmas toys, money boxes, and the earliest "Desray" products at the side of the senior W. H. Bossons.  During his tenure of 48 years at Bossons, he became a close confidant and friend of Ray Bossons. He was appointed head mouldmaker, a position he held for many years. Ken retired from Bossons in 1995; however, under the direct supervision of Mr. Bossons, he was in direct charge of the destruction of  original molds that took place in 1992, 1994, and finally 1996, when the firm closed. He also was delegated by Mr. Bossons to put all the patents together with the remaining molds which are presently under lock and key and in safe storage. 

For additional details, make reference to Don's yearly articles on Bossons in the Schroeder's Antique Price Guides.

     A written tribute to Ken Potts is in the Bossons Briefs, December 2003. Revised, it can be viewed along with pictures here: 

"Ken A. Potts As I Knew Him."